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Pipe Support

Koldpak has a wide range of Pipe Supports:


    The UltraSTEEL™ process makes the base metal stronger, so you
    get better preforming and more environmentally friendly products.
    UltraSTRUT™ uses less steel for any given length, which of course
    reduces the impact your business has on the environment.
    Being lighter UltraSTRUT™ is easier to handle, lift and transport.
  • Slotted Channel

    • CGA0060 UltraSTRUT slotted channel
      Height: 21mm | Width: 41mm | Length: 5800mm
      Surface finish: HDG/ZINC
    • CGA0080 UltraSTRUT slotted channel
      Height: 41mm | Width: 41mm | Length: 5800mm
      Surface finish: HDG/ZINC

    Channel Spring Nut

    • CGB0020 Channel Spring Nut M10 | Surface finish: HDG/ZINC

    Channel Nut

    • CGB0040 Channel Nut M8 | Surface finish: HDG/ZINC
    • CGB0060 Channel Nut M10 | Surface finish: HDG/ZINC

    Channel Fittings

    • Holes to suit M12
    • Fit standard strut channel
    • Other sizes/shapes available on request
    • Channel not included
    • Surface finish – HDG
    • CGB0080 Angle Fitting
      CGB0100 Plastic End Cap (KS1000)
      CGB0120 Plastic End Cap (KS3300)

    Channel Clip - Zinc

    • Complete with nut and screw
    • Fits standard strut channel
    • Stainless Steel on request
    • CGB0140 22mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0160 32mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0180 35mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0200 38mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0220 48mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0240 54mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0260 60mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0280 64mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0300 70mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0320 73mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0340 76mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0360 79mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0380 90mm | Surface finish: ZINC
      CGB0400 108mm | Surface finish: ZINC

    Channel Clip - HDG

    • Complete with nut and screw
    • Fits standard strut channel
    • Stainless Steel on request
    • CGB0420 64mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0440 67mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0460 70mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0480 76mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0500 83mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0520 95mm | Surface finish: HDG
      CGB0540 108mm | Surface finish: HDG

    Isolation Barrier

    • Forms barrier between copper tube and clip/channel
    • CGC0020 Tape 50mm x 10m roll

    PE Blocks

    • Insulation blocks are available in all pipe/tube diameters
    • Available in insulation thickness from 10mm to 100mm
    • CGD0020 Wall: 13mm | ID: 10mm | OD 35mm
      CGD0040 Wall: 13mm | ID: 13mm | OD 38mm
      CGD0060 Wall: 13mm | ID: 16mm | OD 42mm
      CGD0080 Wall: 13mm | ID: 19mm | OD 44mm
      CGD0100 Wall: 13mm | ID: 22mm | OD 48mm
      CGD0120 Wall: 19mm | ID: 10mm | OD 48mm
      CGD0140 Wall: 19mm | ID: 16mm | OD 54mm
      CGD0160 Wall: 19mm | ID: 19mm | OD 57mm
      CGD0180 Wall: 19mm | ID: 22mm | OD 60mm
      CGD0200 Wall: 19mm | ID: 28mm | OD 66mm
      CGD0220 Wall: 19mm | ID: 35mm | OD 73mm
      CGD0240 Wall: 19mm | ID: 42mm | OD 74mm
      CGD0260 Wall: 19mm | ID: 54mm | OD 92mm
      CGD0280 Wall: 19mm | ID: 67mm | OD 105mm
      CGD0300 Wall: 25mm | ID: 10mm | OD 60mm
      CGD0320 Wall: 25mm | ID: 13mm | OD 63mm
      CGD0340 Wall: 25mm | ID: 16mm | OD 64mm
      CGD0360 Wall: 25mm | ID: 19mm | OD 69mm
      CGD0380 Wall: 25mm | ID: 22mm | OD 72mm
      CGD0400 Wall: 25mm | ID: 28mm

    Kwik Clip

    • Suitable for steel, copper or PVC pipe from 15NB to 150NB
    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • Surface finish – Stainless Steel – MILL
    • CGE0020 Pipe Size NB: 15 CU | Pipe OD: 12.7mm | Size range 12-14mm
      CGE0040 Pipe Size NB: 20 CU | Pipe OD: 19mm | Size range 15-19mm
      CGE0060 Pipe Size NB: 25 CU | Pipe OD: 25.4mm | Size range 24-26mm
      CGE0080 Pipe Size NB: 32 CU | Pipe OD: 31.08mm | Size range 30-33mm
      CGE0100 Pipe Size NB: 40 CU / PVC | Pipe OD: 38.1mm | Size range 38-41mm
      CGE0120 Pipe Size NB: 65 CU | Pipe OD: 63.5 | Size range 63-67mm
      CGE0140 Pipe Size NB: 65 PVC | Pipe OD: 69.1 | Size range 70-73mm
      CGE0160 Pipe Size NB: 80 CU/PVC | Pipe OD: 76.2 | Size range 74-80mm
      CGE0180 Pipe Size NB: 100 CU | Size range 101-106mm
      CGE0200 Pipe Size NB: 100 PVC | Pipe OD: 110.4 | Size range 108-114mm


    • Insulates against heat loss and gain
    • Reduces vibration
    • Temperature range – 30C to 125C
    • Fits standard channel
    • CGF0020 Imperial Pipe Size 1/4′ | Pipe Diameter 6.35mm
      CGF0040 Imperial Pipe Size 3/8′ | Pipe Diameter 9.53mm
      CGF0060 Imperial Pipe Size 1/2′ | Pipe Diameter 12.7mm
      CGF0080 Imperial Pipe Size 5/8′ | Pipe Diameter 15.88mm
      CGF0100 Imperial Pipe Size 3/4′ | Pipe Diameter 19.05mm
      CGF0120 Imperial Pipe Size 7/8′ | Pipe Diameter 22.23mm
      CGF0140 Imperial Pipe Size 1 1/8′ | Pipe Diameter 25.58mm
      CGF0160 Imperial Pipe Size 1 3/8′ | Pipe Diameter 34.94mm
      CGF0180 Imperial Pipe Size 1 5/8′ | Pipe Diameter 42.75mm
      CGF0200 Imperial Pipe Size 2 1/8′ | Pipe Diameter 53.98mm
      CGF0220 Imperial Pipe Size 2 5/8′ | Pipe Diameter 66.68mm

    Nut Clip for PVC Pipe

    • Nut clip sizes 40mm to 150mm
    • Cup head fastener
    • Double bolted
    • Suits N10 rod
    • Standard finish powder coated white
    • CGG0020 80PVC Nut Clip

    Yoke Clamp for Copper Pipe

    • Yoke clamp sizes 20mm to 300mm
    • Adjustable yoke 48mm to 65mm
    • Double bolted
    • Suits up to M12 rod
    • Standard finish powder coated brown
    • CGH0020 20Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0040 25Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0060 32Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0080 40Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0100 50Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0120 65Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0140 80Cu Yoke Clamp
      CGH0160 100Cu Yoke Clamp

    Wall Plates

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0020 Female Wall Plate M10
      CGI0040 Male Wall Plate M10
      CGI0060 Vertical wall plate M10

    Purlin Clips

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0080 ‘Z’ M10 Purlin Clip
      CGI0100 ‘C’ M10 Purlin Clip

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC PLATED
    • CGI0120 Flange Clamp M10

    Threaded Rod

    • Standard length 3m
    • Cutting available
    • Other sizes available on request
    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC PLATED
    • CGI0140 Binder M10 Threaded Rod – 3m length

    Hex Connector

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0160 Hex Connector M10

    Clevis Hanger

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0180 M10 Clevis Hanger

    Drop in Anchor

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0200 M10 X 30MM


    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0240 M10 Hex Nut CL.8


    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0220 Washer M10 Zinc

    Hex Head Screw

    • Surface finish – Carbon Steel – ZINC
    • CGI0260 M10 x 25 Bolt Hex
      CGI0280 M10 X 30mm Zinc Hex Bolt Gr.4.6

    Anti Vibration Components

    • Protection nozzle prevents metal contact between threaded rods/bolts and channels
    • Sound insulation average 17dB (A)
    • Suitable for M10 threaded rod or bolts
    • CGJ0020 Noise Resilient Pad

    Check out our catalogue page for more information on pipe support products.


    Click to view our range of pipe support products

    Click to view our range of pipe support products