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Koldpak has a wide range of Oil:

Mineral oil

    CMA0020 Danfoss 160P Low/Med Temp 2L
    CMA0060 3GS Low/Med Temp 4L
    CMA0080 3GS Low/Med Temp 20L
    CMA0100 4GS Med/High Temp 4L
    CMA0110 4GS Med/High Temp 20L

Polyester oil

    CMA0120 Danfoss 160Z Low Temp 2L
    CMA0140 Danfoss 160PZ Low/Med Temp 2L
    CMA0160 Danfoss 160SZ High Temp 2L
    CMA0300 RL32-3MAF (Copeland Approved) Low/Med Temp 1L
    CMA0320 RL32-3MAF(Copeland Approved) Low/Med Temp 5L
    CMA0340 RL32H Low/Med Temp 1L
    CMA0360 RL32H Low/Med Temp 4L
    CMA0380 RL68H Med/High Temp 1L

Vacuum pump lubricants

    CMB0020 Vac Pump Oil 1L
    CMB0040 Vac Pump Oil 4L
    CMB0060 Oil Vacuum Pump Yellow Jacket 0.946L

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