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Koldpak has a wide range of Electrical equipment:

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    Schneider Circuit Breakers

    1 Pole Circuit Breaker

    BSG0140 A9F44106 6A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0160 A9F44110 10A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0180 A9F44116 16A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0200 A9F44120 20A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0220 A9F44125 25A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0240 A9F44132 32A 6kA C Curve


    3 Pole Circuit Breaker

    BSG0260 A9F44306 6A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0280 A9F44310 10A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0300 A9F44316 16A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0320 A9F44320 20A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0340 A9F44325 25A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0360 A9F44332 32A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0380 A9F44340 40A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0400 A9F44350 50A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0420 A9F44363 63A 6kA C Curve
    BSG0440 A9F55316 16A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0460 A9F55320 20A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0480 A9F55325 25A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0500 A9F55332 32A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0520 A9F55340 40A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0540 A9F55350 50A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0560 A9F55363 63A 10kA D Curve
    BSG0580 A9N18512 80A 15kA D Curve

    More sizes available


    Schneider Contactor

    Schneider Contactors 240v Coil 3 Pole

    BSB0139 LC1K0910U7 9amp 4 kw Compact
    BSB0140 LC1D09U7 9amp 4kw
    BSB0160 LC1D12U7 12amp 5.5kw
    BSB0180 LC1D18U7 18amp 9kw
    BSB0200 LC1D25U7 25amp 11kw
    BSB0220 LC1D32U7 32amp 15kw
    BSB0230 LC1D38U7 38amp 18.5kw
    BSB0240 LC1D40U7 40amp 22kw
    BSB0260 LC1D50U7 50amp 25kw

    More sizes available


    Schneider Thermal Overload

    Schneider Thermal Overload Relays 3 Pole

    BSC0215 LRD05 .63-1 Amps
    BSC0216 LRD06 1-1.7 Amps
    BSC0217 LRD07 1.6-2.5 Amps
    BSC0218 LRD08 2.5-4 Amps
    BSC0220 LRD10 4-6 Amps
    BSC0240 LRD12 5.5-8 Amps
    BSC0260 LRD14 7-10 Amps
    BSC0280 LRD16 9-13 Amps
    BSC0300 LRD21 12-18 Amps
    BSC0320 LRD22 16-24 Amps
    BSC0340 LRD32 23-32 Amps
    BSC0360 LRD35 30-38 Amps

    More sizes available


    Motor Start Capacitor

    Motor Start Capacitors 250v

    BSD0020 25-30UF
    BSD0040 36-43UF
    BSD0060 40-48UF
    BSD0080 47-56UF
    BSD0100 64-77UF
    BSD0120 80-96UF
    BSD0140 108-130UF
    BSD0160 124-149UF
    BSD0180 161-193UF

    More sizes available


    Motor Run Capacitor

    Motor Run Capacitors 400v

    BSD0200 1UF
    BSD0220 1.5UF
    BSD0240 2UF
    BSD0260 2.5UF
    BSD0280 3UF
    BSD0320 4UF
    BSD0340 5UF
    BSD0360 6UF
    BSD0380 8UF
    BSD0400 10UF
    BSD0420 12UF
    BSD0440 15UF
    BSD0460 20UF
    BSD0480 25UF
    BSD0500 30UF
    BSD0520 35UF
    BSD0540 40UF
    BSD0560 45UF
    BSD0580 50UF
    BSD0600 55UF
    BSD0620 60UF
    BSD0640 65UF
    BSD0660 70UF
    BSD0680 75UF
    BSD0700 80UF


    Power Relay 30amp 240v

    EVCO Power Relay 30amp 240vAC

    BSE0060 HF116F-2


    Relay Universal 10A LED Rum

    Schneider Relay Universal 10A LED Rum

    BSE0081 RUMC32P7


    Base To Suit RUMC3 Relays

    Schneider Base To Suit RUMC3 Relays

    BSE1000 RUZSC3M


    Universal Motor Start Relay

    Universal Motor Start Relay 0-10HP

    BSE0180 UMSR-50


    Universal Power Start Relay

    Universal Power Start Relay 1/20-1/2HP

    BSE0160 URSC20


    Hard Start Kit Relay

    Hard Start Kit Relay 1/2 HP – 10HP PSC

    BSE0280 SSPP5


    Relay ICG Series

    Relay ICG Series 1/12 – 1/2HP 220v

    BSE0260 SICG220


    Relay and Overload Combination

    Relay & Overload Combination

    BSE0100 1/4-1/3 HP
    BSE0120 1/6-1/5 HP
    BSE0100 1/12-1/8 HP


    Weather Proof Isolator

    Weather Proof Isolators 1 Pole

    BSH0020 21 Amp
    BSH0040 35 Amp

    Weather Proof Isolators 3 Pole

    BSH0060 35 Amp
    BSH0080 63 Amp


    Dinrail Mount Isolator

    Schneider Dinrail Mount Isolators

    BSH0100 A9S66163 1 Pole 63 Amp 240vAC
    BSH0140 A9S66363 3 Pole 63 Amp 415vAC


    Heater Cable

    Heater Cable

    BSI0020 Heater Cable SR Metallic Braid 13mm


    Heater Cable Assembled

    Braided Drain Heater

    BSI0030 900mm w/ 2m Cable
    BSI0040 1200mm w/ 2m Cable
    BSI0060 1800mm w/ 2m Cable

    More sizes available, just ask


    Cable Tie

    Cable Ties

    BSK0020 Cable Ties 100mm x 2.5mm 100pk
    BSK0040 Cable Ties 150mm x 3.6mm 100pk
    BSK0060 Cable Ties 200mm x 4.8mm 100pk
    BSK0080 Cable Ties 300mm x 4.8mm 100pk
    BSK0100 Cable Ties 370mm x 4.8mm 100pk
    BSK0120 Cable Ties 368mm x 7.6mm 100pk


    Schneider Enclosures

    Schneider Enclosures

    BSL0183 NSYS3D4420P Enclosure Metal 400 x 400 x 200
    BSL0185 NSYS3D5525P Enclosure Metal 500 x 500 x 250
    BSL0190 NSYS3D7525P Enclosure Metal 700 x 500 x 250
    BSL0195 NSYS3D10830P Enclosure Metal 800 x 800 x 300



    Electrical Conduit

    BSK1000 Conduit Electrical Rigid LD 20mm x4m
    BSK1010 Conduit Electrical Rigid LD 25mm x4m


    Electrical Elbow Solid 20mm

    Solid Electrical Elbows

    BSK1040 PVC Fitting Elbow Solid Electrical 20mm
    BSK1050 PVC Fitting Elbow Solid Electrical 25mm


    Electrical Elbow 20mm

    Right Angle Electrical Elbows

    BSK1060 PVC Fitting Elbow R/Angle Electrical 20mm


    Electrical Tee Fitting 20mm

    Electrical Tee Fittings

    BSK1080 PVC Fitting Tee Electrical 20mm



    Corrugated Electrical Pipe

    Corrugated Electrical Pipe

    BSK1020 UV Grey 20mmx50m
    BSK1025 UV Grey 25mmx50m

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Schneider Circuit Breakers

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