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Components & Valves

Koldpak has a wide range of components

Thermostatic Expansion Valves - T2

    T2 thermostatic expansion valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators. The refrigerant superheat determines the amount.


  • Large temperature range, suitable for freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Interchangeable orifice assembly.
  • MOP Valves (Max. Operating Pressure) available – protects the compressor motor against excessive evaporating pressure during normal operation.

    BDA0020 068Z3206 TX2 | R22/R407C | Flare
    BDA0040 068Z3209 TEX2 | R22/R407C | Flare
    BDA0060 068Z3281 TX2S | R22/R407C | Solder
    BDA0080 068Z3284 TEX2S | R22/R407C | Solder
    BDA0100 068Z3346 TN2 | R134A | Flare
    BDA0120 068Z3348 TEN2 | R134A | Flare
    BDA0140 068Z3383 TN2S | R134A | Solder
    BDA0160 068Z3385 TEN2S | R134A | Solder
    BDA0180 068Z3389 TEN2 MOP55 | R134A | Flare
    BDA0200 068Z3400 TS2 | R404A/R507 | Flare
    BDA0220 068Z3403 TES2 | R404A/R507 | Flare
    BDA0240 068Z3414 TS2S | R404A/R507 | Solder
    BDA0260 068Z3415 TES2S | R404A/R507 | Solder
    BDA0280 068Z3408 TS2 MOP 50 | R404A/R507 | Flare
    BDA0300 068Z3409 TES2 MOP 50 | R404A/R507 | Flare

Orifice - T2

BDA0320 068-2002 0X
BDA0340 068-2003 00
BDA0360 068-2010 01
BDA0380 068-2015 02
BDA0400 068-2006 03
BDA0420 068-2007 04
BDA0440 068-2008 05
BDA0460 068-2009 06

Based on 45°C condensing temperature. 4k Subcooling.
Factory setting = 5K
Increase superheat – Clockwise turn, reduces flow
Decrease superheat – Anti-clockwise turn, increases flow

TX Valve Isolation Cover

  • Universal design, suitable for a range of brands
  • Compact design suitable for internal and external balance
  • Easy assembly
  • Strong insulating properties
  • Temperatures down to -45°C
  • Ice blocking
  • Stylish appearance
  • BDA1000 Isolation Cover TX Valve

    Thermostatic Expansion Valves - TE5 TO TE55

      The TE series expansion valve regulate the injection of refrigerant into evaporators. It controls the refrigerant flow based on the superheat.
      The exchangeable power element is produced with a laser welding technology for extended lifetime capability.


    • Interchangeable orifice assembly
    • Stainless steel power element, capillary tube and bulb
    • Wide capacity range
    • Superior charge performance
    • Balanced orifice design on TE55 series

    Elements - T5

      BDA0480 067B3250 TEX5 | Refrigerant R22/R407C | EXT | SOLDER
      BDA0500 067B3297 TEN5 | Refrigerant R134A | EXT | SOLDER
      BDA0520 067B3342 TES5 | Refrigerant R404A/R507 | EXT | SOLDER
      BDA0540 067B3358 TES5 MOP45 | Refrigerant R404A/R507
      (MOP45) | EXT | SOLDER

    T5 Valve Body

      BDA0560 067B4009 T5 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 1/2 OUT 5/8
      BDA0580 067B4007 T5 Body | Straight | Solder | IN 1/2 OUT 5/8
      BDA0600 067B4010 T5 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 1/2 OUT 7/8
      BDA0620 067B4008 T5 Body | Straight | Solder | IN 1/2 OUT 7/8
      BDA0640 067B4013 T5 Body | Angle | Flare | IN 1/2 OUT 5/8
      BDA0660 067B4011 T5 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 5/8 OUT 7/8
      BDA0680 067B4034 T5 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 7/8 OUT 1 1/8

    T5 Orifice

      BDA0700 067B2788 0.5
      BDA0720 067B2789 01
      BDA0740 067B2790 02
      BDA0760 067B2791 03
      BDA0780 067B2792 04
      Based on 45°C condensing temperature. 4k Subcooling.
      Factory setting = 5K
      Increase superheat – Clockwise turn, reduces flow
      Decrease superheat – Anti-clockwise turn, increases flow

    T12 Elements

      BDA0800 067B3210 TEX12 | EXT | Solder
      BDA0820 067B3232 TEN12 | EXT | Solder
      BDA0840 067B3347 TES12 | EXT | Solder

    T12 Valve Body

      BDA0860 067B4022 T12 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 5/8 OUT 7/8
      BDA0880 067B4020 T12 Body | Straight | Solder | IN 5/8 OUT 7/8
      BDA0900 067B4021 T12 Body | Angle | Solder | IN 7/8 OUT 1 1/8
      BDA0920 067B4023 T12 Body | Straight | Solder | IN 7/8 OUT 1 1/8

    T12 Orifice

      BDA0940 067B2708 05
      BDA0960 067B2709 06
      BDA0980 067B2710 07
      Based on 45°C condensing temperature. 4k Subcooling.
      Factory setting = 5K
      Increase superheat – Clockwise turn, reduces flow
      Decrease superheat – Anti-clockwise turn, increases flow

    Thermostatic Expansion Valves - TUA/TUAE

      TUA/TUAE valves are made of stainless steel and can be used in many different forms of refrigeration systems, for example:

      Traditional refrigeration systems, heat pump systems, air conditioning units, refrigeration appliances, liquid coolers, ice cube machines, mobile refrigeration systems


    • Interchangeable orifice assembly designed for easy mounting and optimized tightness
    • Bimetal connections – Simple, fast soldering without the need for wet cloth or refrigeration pliers
    • Stable regulation
    • Biflow function (orifice 1 to 8)
    • Compact design – small dimensions and low weight
    • Stainless steel, solder version – high connection strength and tightness – capillary tube joints of high strength and vibration resistance
    • Laser-welded, stainless steel thermostatic diaphragm element – optimum function – long diaphragm life – high pressure resistance
    • Stainless steel bulb – simple and fast installation – good heat transfer from pipe to bulb
    • Interchangeable filter for easy cleaning
    • TUA TX Valves
      BDB0020 068U2205 TUA R134a
      BDB0040 068U2207 TUAE R134a
      BDB0060 068U2285 TUA R404a
      BDB0080 068U2287 TUAE R404a
    • TUA Orifice
      BDB0100 068U1030 0
      BDB0120 068U1031 1
      BDB0140 068U1032 2
      BDB0160 068U1033 3
      BDB0180 068U1034 4
      BDB0200 068U1035 5
      BDB0220 068U1036 6
      BDB0240 068U1037 7
      BDB0260 068U1038 8
      BDB0280 068U1039 9
      Based on 45°C condensing temperature. 4k Subcooling.
      Factory setting = 5K
      Increase superheat – Clockwise turn, reduces flow
      Decrease superheat – Anti-clockwise turn, increases flow

    Emerson Electronic Thermostatic Expansion Valves - EX Series

      Emerson electrical control valves EX4, EX5, EX6, EX7 and
      EX8 are optimized for the control of liquid or gaseous mass
      flow in refrigeration systems. The stepper motor, which produces a precise valve opening, is energized directly from the electrical power and therefore operates independent from differential pressure ensuring stable operation at low condensing pressures.

      The valve seat and slider are made of solid ceramic for long life, low operating force, low internal leak rate and to eliminate corrosion. The positive shut off function and fast response time eliminate the need for an additional solenoid valve. The special shape of the valve slide provides for proper flow through the valve and a highly linear capacity characteristic
      between 10% and 100% of maximum capacity.


    • Fully hermetic design
    • Fast full stroke time
    • Applicable to all common refrigerants (HCFC, HFC), for
      subcritical CO2 applications
    • High resolution and excellent repeatability
    • Bi-flow versions for heat pump applications
    • Positive shut-off function to eliminate the use of an
      additional solenoid valve
    • Linear flow capacity
    • Wide capacity range (10 – 100%)
    • Continuous modulation of mass flow, no stress
      (liquid hammering) in the refrigeration circuit
    • Direct coupling of motor and valve for high reliability
      (no gear mechanism)
    • Ceramic slide and port for accurate flow and minimal wear
    • Balanced force design
    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body, and connections

      Emerson Electronic Expansion Valve Kits
      BDC0020 Alco EX4-U31 Electronic Exp. Valve Kit
      BDC0040 Alco EX5-U31 Electronic Exp. Valve Kit
      BDC0060 Alco EX6-I31 Electronic Exp. Valve Kit
      BDC0080 Alco EX7-U32 Electronic Exp. Valve Kit
      Kits include Bi-flow valves with identical capacity in both flow directions, electronic driver, transformer, NTC probe, transducer and connection kit.
      For capacity conditions, application examples or other technical data, please contact us.

      Emerson Electronic Expansion Valve Parts
      BDC0100 Alco EX4-U31 Electronic Exp. Valve
      BDC0120 Alco EX5-U31 Electronic Exp. Valve
      BDC0140 Alco EX6-I31 Electronic Exp. Valve
      BDC0160 Alco EX7-U32 Electronic Exp. Valve
      BDC0180 20VA Transformer To Suit EXV 230/24v
      BDC0200 Dixell EXV Driver
      BDC0220 Dixell NTC 3m Probe Suit EXV
      BDC0240 Pressure Transducer -.5 – 11 Bar EXV
      BDC0260 Plug and lead 1.5m kit for EEV EX4-8
      BDC0280 Plug and lead 3.0m kit for EEV EX4-8
      Parts available in combined kit form.

    Denaline Rotalock Valves

      With 30 years of experience and over 1 million valves manufactured each year. Denaline has the figures, know-how and technology you’d expect from a true leader
      Based in Italy. Denaline manufacture, quality-control and test their products in house, which are then distributed worldwide. They are leading name in Europe and are recognised as such by virtue of their strong focus on quality, safety, technology and the environment.

    Denaline Pressure Relief Valves

      Individually certified, these Italian made pressure relief valves open gradually and reset quickly to minimise refrigerant
      loss in the event of an increase in pressure.

      BDE0020 Pressure Relief Valve

      To meet increasingly demanding specifications, the Denaline Dual Shut-off Valve allows the isolation of individual
      pressure relief valves for servicing and testing.

      BDE0040 Three-Way Dual Shut-off Valve



      Sight glasses are used to indicate:
      1. The condition of the refrigerant in the liquid line of the plant.
      2. The low in the oil return line from the oil separator.
      3. The moisture content in the refrigerant.
      The SGN are equipped with sensitive indicators that reflects a colour, depending on the moisture content in the refrigerant


    • Indicates excess water content in the refrigeration system
    • Indicates lack of subcooling

      BDP0020 014-0161 SGN6 1/4
      BDP0040 014-0162 SGN10 3/8
      BDP0060 014-0163 SGN12 1/2
      BDP0080 014-0165 SGN16 5/8
      BDP0100 014-0166 SGN19 3/4


      BDP0120 014-0181 SGN6S 1/4
      BDP0140 014-0182 SGN10S 3/8
      BDP0160 014-0183 SGN12S 1/2
      BDP0180 014-0184 SGN16S 5/8
      BDP0200 014-0185 SGN19S 3/4
      BDP0220 014-0186 SGN19S 7/8


      BDP0240 014-0171 SGN6 1/4
      BDP0260 014-0172 SGN10 3/8
      BDP0280 014-0173 SGN12 1/2
      BDP0300 014-0174 SGN16 5/8
      BDP0320 014-0175 SGN19 3/4

    Check out our catalogue page for more information.


    Click to view our line components range


    Click to view our line components range

    By utilising Alco electronic expansion valves with Dixell superheat controls, you are able to cover a wide range of capacity variations, control superheat with exceptional accuracy and increase energy efficiency by operating at lower condensing temperatures.

  • Better working conditions for compressors
  • Better performance
  • Better regulation at low temperatures
  • Greater capacity range for variable speed applications.
  • Easy install kits available!