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Coldroom Hardware

Koldpak has a wide range of Hardware and Coldroom Hardware:

Vibration Pads

    CSA0020 Black Waffle Pad 450mm x 450mm
    CSA0040 Black Waffle Pad 100mm x 100mm

Pipe Flashing

    CSB0040 Spring Seal (No.1) 6mm – 60mm – Round
    CSB0060 Spring Seal (No.2) 50mm-80mm – Round
    CSB0080 Spring Seal (No.3) 60mm – 110mm – Round
    CSB0100 Spring Seal (No 4.) 75mm – 150mm – Round


    CSC0020 Silicone – Clear 310g
    CSC0040 Silicone – Light Grey 310g
    CSC0060 Silicone – White 310g
    CSC0080 Mastic – White 450g

PVC Solvent

    CSC0100 Clear Solvent 100g
    CSC0120 Clear Solvent 500g

Coldroom Hardware - Dial Thermometers

    CSC0100 Clear Solvent 100g
    CSC0120 Clear Solvent 500g


    CSD0020 Duct Tape – Black 60
    CSD0040 Duct Tape – White 60
    CSD0060 Duct Tape – Grey 60
    CSD0100 Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape 48mmx50m Roll 24
    CSD0120 Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape 72mmx50m Roll 12

Threads Seals

    CSE0020 Leak Lock – Tube
    CSE0040 Leak Lock – Plastic Jar
    CSE0060 Loctite Freeze & Release Lubricant
    CSE0080 Rust Buster
    CSE0100 Refrigerant Grade Oil Spray
    CSE0120 Nickeltec Anti-Seize
    CSE0160 Nylog Blue Sealant Suits HFC (POE)
    CSE0180 Pipe Sealant

Coldroom Hardware - Dial Thermometers

    CSF0020 Dial Thermometer 60mm Plastic
    CSF0040 Dial Thermometer 100mm Plastic
    CSF0060 Dial Thermometer 60mm Stainless steel
    CSF0080 Dial Thermometer 100mm Stainless steel

Coldroom Hardware - Miscellaneous

    CSF0100 Plastic Radius White Coving Corner – 35mm
    CSF0120 Mushroom Head – S/S nut + Washer
    CSF0140 Brass safety door bell
    CSF0160 Chrome pull handle – Safety release
    CSF0180 2 Finger Coolroom Gasket (per Mtr)

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