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Workshop Success

Workshop Success!!!

The free information night held this month was a great success with many customers finding great value in what they learnt. Our own engineers Mr Vaughn Strydom and Mr Marcus Prins along with motion technology engineers from Schneider Electric gave an enlightening presentation about Schneider Variable speed drives and the internal workings of Copeland Scrolls….

Custom Unit

FREE Information Night

Technology is great if you know how and when to use it!   Join us for some hot food and drinks as our technical team explains the time and place to use things like VSD’s and Electronic Valves. We will also take a close look inside a dissected Copeland scroll compressor and discuss the mechanical…


New faces at Koldpak!!!

A BIG welcome to all the new faces at Koldpak Our great team continues to grow! Rose and Chloe – For all your customer service needs. Sarah – Making sure orders are accurate and on time Ben – Bringing an extra pair of experienced hands to manufacturing   Click here to find out more about…

We Can Help With Corrosion

If you have ever been concerned about corrosion, check this out! This was one of three large condensers bound for the Whitsundays. Because of the seaside environment, we were asked to do our in-house corrosion treatment. This coating has a lot of advantages over alternative coatings, including a massive 10,000hr salt spray rating. Not just…

Noise Problem?

We got a call recently from a customer who had installed some package units from another wholesaler. Everything was OK until they started getting noise complaints from surrounding residents. The contractor was put in a very difficult position and needed a solution. Luckily our MINT HUC units were in stock and about 20dBa quieter. They…

Custom Unit

We can build it!

Here’s an idea of what we can do when a standard solution just won’t work. Below is an image one of two custom units we built for a local contractor. He had a well-ventilated plant room with a standard size personnel door – any normal 15HP unit wouldn’t fit through. The contractor wanted a normal…

New open scroll unit

Great new units, great prices!

Check out our new open scroll units. Designed as a full featured off the shelf product our new open scroll units are available now at a really good price. Feedback so far has been really positive based on performance, price and noise levels.   Made for medium temp with 5 main models ranging from approximately…