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Meet the Team

With 140 years combined experience under one roof – We’re here to help!

Rod Bird - Director

Rod Bird

At Koldpak we pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the oldest family refrigeration companies in Queensland,
and still proudly manufacture in Australia.
With over 35 years experience in the refrigeration industry, it has always been my passion to design & develop all types of new products.
With the continuing evolution of the HVAC-R industry as a whole, Koldpak is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of knowledge & professionalism.
As the owner of Koldpak, I am very proud of our ongoing commitment to training apprentices.
I am also extremely proud of each & every one of our team.
We will continue our dedication to improving our products and our customer service in the years ahead.

Giles Waldock - General Manager

Giles Waldock
General Manager

As General Manager of Koldpak since 2005, I ensure that all refrigeration and air conditioning customers receive an excellent level of supply, design and delivery services.
I ensure that no matter how big and challenging or how small and everyday a customer’s refrigeration and air conditioning needs are, that we meet and exceed expectations at every opportunity.
My philosophy is to add value through genuine subject matter expertise and helping our customers provide the best solutions to their customers.
We’re big enough to handle the biggest jobs but small enough to care and provide genuine personal service to help you succeed.
I am a passionate refrigeration enthusiast who takes great pride in our products, company and most importantly, the service we provide. Just let us know how we can help.

Marcus Prins - Sales Engineer

Marcus Prins
Sales Engineer

I was born in South Africa, I migrated to Australia on a Student Visa, studying Refrigeration and Air conditioning. In my time in the Australian refrigeration industry I have enjoyed a range of different roles giving me a unique perspective. As a contractor, I undertook small repairs for domestic clients and oversaw major overhauls in the middle of the night for customers like Woolworths. As a Condensing Unit Manufacturer I found a new respect for the level of workmanship required to make the perfect product. As the Manufacturing Manager, I learned to manage time, people and products to get not only the best result, but the most efficient. All of these experiences give me a good understanding of the pressure placed on our customers and the importance of getting things right and getting them quickly – every time. My goal at Koldpak is to build a network of people who can rely on me for technical support and trust me to reach their needs and requirements

Laura Fillmore - Solutions Consultant

Filly (Laura) Fillmore
Solutions Consultant

Solutions Consultant at Koldpak. I moved from retail in the fashion industry to wholesale in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in 2015. I have a strong background in customer service and management, which is a considerable advantage to me as part of the Koldpak sales team. There is much for me to learn about refrigeration and air conditioning, and I am quickly gaining an understanding of Koldpak’s products and the industry. I’m introducing marketing campaigns to promote Koldpak’s products and services. I research and implement advertising to promote Koldpak to new customers, and ensure existing customers are kept informed with the latest promotions, news, and upcoming events. I’m continually improving our social media profile and presence. My goal is to promote Koldpak, and Koldpak’s products and services to our growing customer base.

Cameron Pilkington – Unit Manufacturing

Cameron Pilkington
Unit Manufacturing

I have been at Koldpak since 2009. I began in the warehouse as a stores person, and progressed to manufacturing, where I am now building condensing units.
I build Koldpak’s full range of condensing units, such as Hermetic Units, Drop-In’s, Slide-In’s, large semi units, and custom builds, as well as welding frames and making Drop-In unit parts.
I am fortunate to have been able to develop many skills in warehousing and manufacturing, and am constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient, and produce improved product quality.
Recently I have been rewarded with an apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic. This will enable me to develop my skills even more, and grow with the company in the future.
Overall, I really enjoy my role at Koldpak. It gets really challenging at times, but we always manage to get the job done. I take a lot of pride in each and every build, to ensure customer satisfaction. My goal is to produce the best product I can, taking on board all customer requirements and time frames.

Hannah Kime - Sales and Operations

Hannah Kime
Sales and Operations

I joined the team in November 2018 and really enjoy the friendly and professional culture here at Koldpak. I’m passionate about customer service and love to make sure everything runs smoothly.
My role at Koldpak is focussed on sales and operations, forming a link between the two departments to make sure orders get out accurately and on time.
I am also involved in processing the paperwork required to make the massive range of customised condensing units and refrigeration systems we build in house.
I look forward to meeting all out customers and growing my career with Koldpak

Sarah Roberts - Customer Service and Sales

Customer Service and Sales

I joined the team in June 2017, in my time at Koldpak I have experienced everything from operations and logistics to customer service. I admire how much Koldpak clearly value their customers and never hesitate to meet a requirement. I look forward to continuing to learn more about the Industry. My goal is to attend to all customers’ needs as quickly and professionally as possible.

Rose Rogers - PA to GM

Rose Rogers
Personal Assistant to the General Manager

I started in June 2017 as Customer Service at Koldpak, I left briefly in 2020 and was excited to re-join the team as personal assistant to the General Manager, Giles. Gaining skills and knowledge at Koldpak has been an amazing learning experience. I thrive on maintaining customer relationships and keeping our services at a high standard. My goal is help support the GM in developing our ever growing range

Heather Arcidiacono - Purchasing and Imports Manager

Heather Arcidiacono
Purchasing and Imports Manager

Purchasing and Imports Manager at Koldpak. I have been at Koldpak since 2010. Starting out in an administrative position I moved into sales, and have now found my place in Purchasing and Data Entry. Over the years at Koldpak I have developed an understanding of the products, which helps me keep our shelves stocked with the items our customers want and need. I am continually looking over our stock levels to keep up with requirements and negotiating with suppliers to achieve the best quality product at the right price. My goal at Koldpak is to make sure stock levels are maintained, prices are kept competitive and that our customer’s needs are fulfilled.

Matt Wardle – Unit Manufacturing

Matt Wardle
Unit Manufacturing

Joined the team in 2018

Harley – Unit Manufacturing

Unit Manufacturing

Joined the team in 2020

Jamie Cook – Stores Person

Jamie Cook
Stores Person

Stores Person at Koldpak. I joined the Koldpak team in 2015, the role of Junior Stores Person. Although I only finished school a few years back I have already gained experience in warehousing and in the construction industry. I work in the warehouse and manufacturing areas, picking customer orders and works orders, and the sub-assembly of refrigeration units; as well as the timely delivery of goods to customers. I’m learning as much as I can as fast as I can, to become an adaptable and productive member of the Koldpak team. My goal at Koldpak is to be a valued employee, contributing to the company’s objective of providing exceptional customer service.

Ash – Unit Manufacturing

Unit Manufacturing

Joined the team in 2020

Kristi Waldock – Financial Controller

Kristi Waldock
Financial Controller

Joined the team in 2005